"Art is a matter of the Heart"

Art from the Heart mandala

...and therefore I invite you to look at my work with an open heart. Then you will see the passion and dedication I put in my work.
The logo symbolizes the Heart Chakra, from which I live and work, because living from the heart-chakra is essential for me both as an artist and as a human being.
In particular I am inspired by the worlds in which fairies, angels, planet forces and other energies play their important role.
To me these worlds are inextricably bound up with the earth and all her inhabitants.
Keramisch wandbord "De Genezer" With their own laws and symbols they provide our daily lives with a touch of magic and give us a glimpse behind the scenes of our (supposed) sole reality.
To me "the art of living" is to live your life with passion, therefore it is important to discover where your "Heart" lies.
So I have chosen to express myself by means of paintings, poems and ceramics.
I hope you will enjoy my works of art as much as I do while creating it.
And maybe it will inspire you to reveal your unique talent if you have not found it yet.