A Sunday's child am I,

Elementary school
Elementary school

Rosita Linda Reeberg, born in Amsterdam, daughter of a Dutch mother and a South American father. A mix of different cultures, which could explain my preference to mingle all kinds of different influences in my work. As soon as I could walk I started to draw on anything with everything I could lay my hands on: walls, furniture, nothing was safe for me. At elementary school I felt most happy when I was allowed to fill the blackboard with my drawings on special occasions (Easter, Christmas etc.) During this period I already experimented with clay, but no one could fire it for me, so everything broke after a while.

Monk, clay
Monk, clay

The first two classes of Grammar School I was very lucky to have a nice and stimulating drawing teacher, who gave me all the freedom and support I needed to create the quite freakish drawings I used to make at that time. At home, I locked myself up in my little room on the attic to paint and read. I was highly fascinated by the magical world of fearies and magicians. "The Hobbit" and "The lord of the rings" were my favorite books. I read every book about esoterics, magic, shamanism, old cultures, science fiction and occultism I could lay my hands on. I devoured loads of books, as I still do.

My potter's wheel
My potter's wheel

After graduating I started to work in an office, which I did not find very inspiring, but I did meet my life-companion Frans there in 1978. When Frans saw some of my early work he bought me a box full of new oil paint, hoping I would use my artistic talents again. At first it did not work out like that. A lot of disturbing emotions and inner uncertainty blocked my artistic energy. But gradually drawing and painting became more and more important to me again.


In 1982 I made an important decision when I started to take lessons in ceramic designing and techniques at the Center for Artistic Education in Lelystad where I had lived since 1977. This opened a whole new world to me! I learned several techniques and I was brimming over with ideas. I also learned to work on the potter's wheel which I found a magical experience. At night I dreamed I could create every form I wanted on the wheel. In reality this is far less easy and It takes a lot of practice, will-power and perseverance to be able to do this. So, after a short while I had the opportunity to buy myself a potter's wheel and now I could practice at home as much as I wanted. I turned out to be a natural at modeling and liking both very much I started to combine the fine modeling with the forms shaped on the potter's wheel.

First exhibition: Dreamforms
First exhibition: "Dreamforms"

In 1986 I had my first exhibition "Droombeelden" (Dream Forms) at the Center of AE "De Kubus" in Lelystad. During this exhibition I was invited by a gallery from Amsterdam to expose my work. From 1987 I worked as a guest teacher in the Center of AE for several years. Because I had also become a mother of my two sons in these years I had little time for my other creative work. Most of my time went to my children, housekeeping and teaching. In 1990 I started my own Ceramic Courses and little by little, as the children grew older I could find the time again to create my work.
Then in 1994, my husband and I were forced by circumstances to take a big step into the unknown...

In my garden
In my garden

We sold our house in Lelystad and bought a big old house in a small village in the countryside, and we named our new home "De Elfenstee", which means as much as "habitat for fairies". There I started to work full time as a self employed person in my one-woman-company "Atelier 11" (Studio 11). Ten years before, this old house had already been foretold to me in details by an old clairvoyant lady. (I didn't remember this till after a few weeks we had moved into this house).

Lady of the Grail
"Lady of the Grail"

The first two years were very difficult, hard times that asked all of our strength and confidence.
Looking back now, it had to be that way, but there were moments then that I felt dejected and uncertain. Fortunately, we also had some real good friends who helped and encouraged us by showing their belief in us and the things we were doing. Destiny also often helped us at unexpected moments.
I have learned a lot from that time.
Having faith in yourself, in your own talents and intuition is a necessity if you want to learn to "live" rather than "survive". To do the things that really make you happy, that you believe in, is not always the easiest choice. It often asks big sacrifices but is, in the end, always worthwhile because only then you are loyal to your true self.
Right through these hard times I discovered my inner strength and learned how to use it.

Guardians of the Otherworld
The "Guardians"

Our 'Elfenstee' has now become a real home to us, and to all the pixies, fairies and other beings that have found a place in and around our house.
And "Studio 11" has been changed in "Art from the Heart" because although the way I express myself is still developing, working "from the heart" will always remain my most important credo in both work and life.

Rosita and Sam

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