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Technique Ceramics
Height 118 cms.
Width 70 cms.
Price On request

According to Barddas, the spiritual teachings of the Celtic Druids, the Universe was devided in three realms;
Annwn, Abred and Gwynvyd.
After death the immortal soul entered Annwn (the astral).
But the conscious soul travelled straight to Gwynvyd, the heaven or higher dimension.
Gwynvyd represented the state of love and Devine harmony.
The winged circle rising between the two lines flaring out on the back of the sculpture, symbolizes the journey through the Astral.
The goldrimmed shield at the front of the sculpture represents the  level of mondain testing.
This shield is carried by an eagle and contains a fusion of red and purple glass.
The 24 karat gold ornament at the front and on the top of the head refers at the rising Sun; the completely aware and fully unfold mind, a state of love and Devine harmony.

The three realms of Barddas;
Annwn - the Astral,
Cosmic symbol: the Moon
Abred - the level of material existance and mondain testing
Cosmic symbol: the Earth
Gwynvyd - the state of love and devine harmony
Cosmic symbol: the Sun

Two parts

This sculptures exists of two seperate parts.
The upper part rests upon a rim at the inside of the lower part of the sculpture.
Therefore it can also be used as a cremation urn.

Celtic Astrology

If you want to read more about the Celtic teachings, "The Handbook of Celtic Astrology" by Helena Paterson is a fascinating reading.