Guardians of the Otherworld

Guardians of the otherworld
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Guardians of the Otherworld
Technique Ceramics, stoneware
Hand formed
Height 85 cm.
Details Cover with glass fusion
(melted glass inlay)
Gold leaf details
Price On request

This ceramic object shows two faces; a male and a female guardian of "The Otherworld".
To the Celts, The Otherworld was a heavenly dimension with big potential for growing and enlightening experiences for the soul.
The three birds symbolize the freedom to travel between the several worlds.
On the upper part of the cover a sun wheel has been put on.
The sun wheel symbolizes the gate to the Otherworld.
During the glaze firing the melted turquoise glass between the rings of the sun wheel has fused with the ceramics.
24 krt Gold plate covers the eyes of the Guardians, along with a few small details on the object.
In the center of the medicine wheel below a small crystal bowl is placed surrounded by four smaller amethyst bowls on the four directions of the wind.