Meditation Objects

Eagle Spirit
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Meditation Objects
Technique Ceramics, stoneware
Diameter 50 - 55 cms.
Details Glass fusion
(melted glass inlay)
Gold leaf details
Edition Unique (sold)
Indicative price € 650,-
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Always when I work behind the potter's wheel, I feel this strong fascination for the center out of which everything is formed, this spiral movement from the clay out of the center.
This inspired me to make scales as a meditation tool.
All these scales have a clear, often gold plated accent in the center.

Meditation object - Lilies
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This center can be a simple golden or silver circle, or a spiritual symbol like an Aum, Ankh, Celtic cross, a pentagram or other (personal) symbol.

Most of these scales have a diameter between 50 - 55 cms. and a center that is surrounded by one or more circles embedded with glass.

Meditation object - Aum
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The inlayed glass in these circles melts during the final glaze fire into a beautiful flowing and varied colored layer of glass.
The tension during the cooling down process causes the sparkling craquelé glass.
When used as a meditation tool one can place little candle's on the scale.
The Meditation Objects showed on this page are sold.