A Bronze Raven descending

A Bronze Raven descending
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A Bronze Raven descending
Technique Sculpted bronze
Lenght raven 77 cms.
Width over wings 107 cms.
Edition Limited: 8 samples
Price On request
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Ravens are amazingly intelligent birds. They can become more than 40 years old and remain loyal to a partner for life.
They spy on one another to find out where the other raven hides their food so they can steal it.
When there is an opening to nab a tasty treat, they are quite bold,  just like Krakar, the raven in my book, "The Seventh Door."

I love and admire these beautiful and intriguing creatures as does Rob M°hlmann, founder and driving force behind the magnificent Museum and  Gallery M°hlmann, Appingedam, Groningen. 
Rob asked me to create these two flying ravens to scale. 
This was an unique assignment, which I fulfilled with a lot of love and dedication.
 I have tried, as a dear friend of mine said, to catch the mysterious magic this bird radiates. 



Mysterious eyes
the night
Indigo-black feathers
partly tattered,
by traveling
through our
and other worlds;
clearly the cloak
of a reckless magician

Your raw voice
its message
into my soul