Bronze Buzzard

Bronze Buzzard
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Bronze Buzzard
Technique Sculpted bronze
Foundry Ateliers MTW Groningen
Height buzzard 62 cms.
Width over wings 86 cms.
Edition Limited: 8 samples
Price € 6800,-
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On a clear day in February we found the body of a female buzzard at the edge of a cornfield.
I was so impressed by the beauty of this great bird, that I decided to take her  home and have her body stuffed.
Finding this bird on my path also was of symbolic importance to me and I gave her a special place in my studio to inspire me with her presence.

This bronze buzzard is a live size model and can be delivered with or without a bronze pedestal.
Any suitable matching bronze pedestal (a bowl or strunk f.e.) can be made on request.

My buzzard vision

As I floated
between dream and awakening
you majestically appeared at my right hand
Your sharp eye viewed my heart
"come" you said
"it is time to go"
Together we soared
high above
this mundain existance


Buteo buteo

Buteo buteo is the latin name for a buzzard, a common bird in The Netherlands. A female buzzard can reach a wingspan up to 140 cms. The colouring varies from very dark-brown up to off-white.