Blessed Be - a Tribute

Blessed Be
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Blessed Be
Technique Acrylic on linen, gold leaf details
Size 120 x 180 cms.
Year 2010
Price Sold

A couple, both of them practising Wicca, gave me the assignment for this painting, which I named "Blessed Be".
A large pentacle had to be the centre-symbol; I was given total freedom to use my own imagination and knowledge for the fulfilment of the the painting.
I connected the Threefolded Goddess with all kind of symbols referring to the Elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air.
The pentacle and serveral other symbols are decorated with goldplate.

The word Witch originaly means healer or wise (wo-)man.
With this painting  I wanted to make a Tribute to the ones that were murdered during the Middel Ages.
The poem, belonging to the painting, I have written down in Theban, an old script that was used by witches.
Presumably this cypher has been developed for only initiates to read.

the wise
men and women,
who were
or found
their death
on the stake
because of
their different view
on spirituality

May their souls
shine between the stars
and keep
inspiring us
to be true
to our
Inner Knowledge
all suppression

Blessed Be